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Month: May 2018

Why Depuy Attune Knee Systems Is Prone To Failure?

Knee replacement surgery was invented to offer relief to those who suffer from pain and inadequate mobility.

But, knee replacement surgery has failed, as end numbers of the reports were filed claiming about failed knee implant and serious injuries have resulted.

In certain cases, patients withstand an upsurge in pain and restrictions that surpasses what they had before the implant.

As per the claims made by the manufacturers of Depuy knee replacement systems was that it will last minimum up to 15 years, but some failed within one or two year’s span causing serious injuries and many health issues that lead the suffered to file Lawsuits for Defective DePuy Knee Replacement:

Depuy Attune Knee replacment

Here is the list of problem that patients have faced after knee replacement:

  • Pain.
  • Infection.
  • Bone or muscle damage.
  • Unsteadiness in the knee when standing or when weight is put upon it.
  • The knee moves rearward or sideways.
  • Fluid build-up causing inflammation and swelling.
  • Constant throbbing pain.
  • Warmth or heat in the knee which returns soon after a month of revision surgery.

Even the physician were surprised that even after correct to diagnosis and removal there was lack of adherence of cement or bone fixed to the device.

In fact, surgeons have described seeing the metal tibial insert clean from any bond, fundamentally looking the same as it did when it was removed from the disinfected packaging and implanted. Oh, God!! What is happening around?

Depuy attune knee lawsuit Approved Under Controversial Process

Knee replacment lawsuit

In the event the FDA approved the Attune Knee System in 2010, it was under the controversial 501(k) acceptance process.

Under this technique, new devices similar enough to existing approved devices no longer have to undergo challenging trials for approval.

Since the Attune Knee Program was just like other stylish implants already on the market, manufacturer Depuy Synthes did not have perform as many studies and tests to prove the device’s safety and success.

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Dangers of using roundup

Roundup is a weed killer that was usually used by the farmers to protect their crops from the weeds. But usage of the Roundup weed killer has produced several health issues in the user’s life.

The company who made this product claimed that their product isn’t the main reason for the health problems caused in the human body.

This reason coerced associations to conduct studies on roundup with the help of which people get to know that the cause of their health issue is that this weed killer only.

Several Monsanto roundup lawsuits were filed against the company by the men and women who have got health issues by means of it.

The most common health problems resulting from the use of the weed killer is ADHD, Birth defects, chronic kidney disease, colitis, diabetes, IBS, hypothyroidism, liver disease and many more.

The Kinds of cancer caused by the use of Roundup weed killer are:

Brain cancer

When parents get exposed to round up over 2 decades of the period, their upcoming child possesses a high risk of developing brain cancer.

This is why several newly born infants suffer from this matter and which sometimes also lead to their death.

If you or your loved one child is also facing the same issue due to the weed killer then hire Monsanto Roundup lawyer who will assist you in getting the justice for what your newly born child has faced and will also aid you in getting you the compensation demanded by you.

Blood cancer

This is also a kind of cancer caused by a use of Roundup weed killer which highly affects your blood. This cancer includes leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

This is why today, people never prefer to sue this weed killer to keep them away from the diseases caused by the use of it. It is also possible to check this useful reference to know more about the Roundup weed killer.