Double End Arms earplugs are intended for use by military personnel. One side, with the tip of the olive plug on the ear, is intended to provide a barrier to all sounds.

The other side, yellow is said to be intended to reduce the sound of loud impulses, such as explosions, but allows one to hear a quieter sound, such as someone’s voice when giving orders.

Hearing Damage to Service Members

Combat Arms Earplugs

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According to the combat earplug lawyer, the design of the earplugs was basically defective. If someone attaches the earplug according to the accompanying instructions, the tip of the third flange from the tip of the earplug that is not inserted attaches to the user’s ear canal and folds back to its original shape.

In the end, the seal of the earplugs in the ear canal becomes loose, although this may not be detected by the wearer. When released, the earplug does not provide adequate protection from noise. This is true, it doesn’t matter that the tip is inserted into the ear.

If the earplug is not functioning properly, hearing damage can occur. Hearing loss can be partially full and ranges from mild to severe. Even moderate hearing loss can mean that one cannot hear other people speaking at a normal level.


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Besides hearing loss, hearing damage can also include tinnitus. Tinnitus is a symptom of the underlying condition, often associated with hearing loss. People with tinnitus may feel ringing, buzzing, roaring, hissing, or other types of noise in their ears that are not related to actual external sounds.

Submit a combat earplug lawsuit

There are companies that represent clients who are injured by damaged devices. They even helped file lawsuits on behalf of soldiers and female soldiers who were harmed by Combat Arms 3M earplugs that had double ends.